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Advancing renewable energy at all levels in Virginia through finding common ground and serving as an authoritative resource

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Alert from VA-REA regarding a considerable change in Virginia DEQ requirements for solar developers regarding stormwater retention. 

The attached Virginia DEQ memo, issued yesterday, is effective immediately and states that the DEQ will treat solar panels as an impervious surface when calculating onsite stormwater retention requirements. This is a considerable change and will likely require more site control to accommodate these new requirements and all the additional costs that will come with it.

                VA-REA’s understanding is that there already has been substantial pushback from some solar developers.  This DEQ requirement was likely brought on by a “few” VA solar projects that had stormwater problems in the past.   VA-REA is aware that some solar developers are having their stormwater engineers and consultants evaluate this and are trying to coordinate a meeting with DEQ to be get more clarity.

The official Virginia DEQ memo is below.

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A note from The Virginia Department of Energy regarding the Virginia Solar Survey:

"Good afternoon,

The Virginia Department of Energy and the Virginia Solar Initiative at UVA’s Weldon Cooper Center are excited to announce the release of the results and initial findings of the Virginia Solar Survey. Please see the attached release statement for further information. You may access the survey results and summary report at https://solar.coopercenter.org/solar-survey or at https://energy.virginia.gov/renewable-energy/SolarPower.shtml

The Virginia Department of Energy and the Virginia Solar Initiative look forward to building upon the results and findings of this survey to provide targeted resources and assistance to localities on various solar development related topics.

Please reach out to aaron.berryhill@energy.virginia.gov or emm2t@virginia.edu if you have any questions or comments about the Virginia Solar Survey or if you have any other requests related to solar in your community."

HB206 Town Hall Information

The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has created an ad hoc work group that will aid DEQ in establishing regulations regarding criteria to determine environmental impacts from potential solar projects as House Bill 206 outlines. Below are the links for HB 206 Town Hall Meetings, which can also be found on the VA-REA website.

Aug 2nd: 


Aug 19: 


Aug 23 


Sept 28 



The alliance remains unique in Virginia for its capacity to convene all stakeholders in order to advance renewable energy development and develop common goals. 

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The Virginia Renewable Energy Alliance is advancing renewable energy at all levels in Virginia through finding common ground and serving as an authoritative resource.


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